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Sandwich Panels

Acoustic System

Sandwich panels with metal plates provide exceptional protection against noise hazard generation in spaces where there is a demand for sound absorption.

Cladding solutions such as PWD and PU-R with polyurethane and mineral wool core allow developers to achieve the best parameters in spaces that require acoustic double wall systems.


Cold Storage System

Airtight cladding reduces maintenance costs and prevents leakage such as the release of harmful CO2 gases in the atmosphere.

Insulated roof sandwich panels such as the JI Roof 1000 for pitched metal roofs are designed to accommodate thermal resistance and developmental width. 


External Roofs

External roof sandwich panels from CLADME offer excellent fire safety. Our mineral wool core sandwich panels are valued for fire rated roofing solutions.

Our cladding solutions for roofing systems are designed according to strict requirements against atmospheric corrosion and while keeping properties such as insulation in mind


Fire-Rated System

Mineral wool core sandwich panels from CLADME allow for low thermal conductivity and improve thermal parameters significantly.  

Sandwich panels with mineral wool core are perfect solutions for spaces that must adhere to the highest standards in energy efficiency.


Hygienic System

Cladding roofing systems from CLAMDE are specifically designed to meet stringent hygienic standards in chilled or temperature controlled environments

Our range of panels is designed to meet specification demands that enhance the efficiency of temperature controlled environments.