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Sandwich Panels

Acoustic System

Our acoustic wall panels provide exceptional protection against noise such as low flying aircrafts, industrial operations and road traffic in areas that require it such as work spaces.

Perforated acoustic panels from CLADME can be assembled fast and provide unique sound absorption elements to any constriction projects. Single sided perforated structures enable a sound insulation of 34dB sound absorption of DLα = 8dB for the panel.


Cold Storage System

Our wall sandwich panels for cold storage systems are available with hard mineral wool, polyurethane and Styrofoam cores for insulation.

CLADME’s sandwich wall panels for cold storage systems with hidden or visible joints can be installed vertically or horizontally. Mineral wool and Polyurethane cores allow for insulation for cold storage systems while hidden fixings in lateral connections provide aesthetic advantages.


External/Internal Walls

Our sandwich wall panels with mineral wool and polyurethane foam cores are valued for their resistance to fire, acoustic performance and durability.

CLADME’s sandwich panels for external walls are suitable for a wide range of developments such as commercial or industrial buildings, sports halls, food safe cold storage stores and logistics centers. Unique sided shapes of the panels facilitate fire resistance while galvanized steel and additional coatings prevent corrosion for the long term.


Fire Rated System

CLADME’s sandwich panels for fire rated systems offer unique fire tightness parameters on the market. Some of our products can withstand temperatures up to 1000⁰C.

Our mineral core (MW) and polyurethane (PU) are immensely valued for developments that require thermally efficient walls. Products such as Trimoterm Power T offer thermal insulation that is much higher than traditional products thereby reducing damage from fires considerably. Long spanning façade panels reduce the need for secondary steel constructions.


Hygienic System

CLADME’s wall sandwich panels for hygienic systems are designed and manufactured according to strict regulatory standards with regards to cleanliness.

Our products are specifically designed to meet stringent hygienic, insulation and fire protection requirements for installations from food processing areas to temperature controlled chilled environments