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Fibre Cement Boards

Clients depend on our fibre cement boards for exterior and interior cladding solutions. Our fiber cement boards are also valued for their use as load bearing floors since they are stronger than traditional boards.

We at CLADME provide fibre cement boards that are reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers for-

– Internal and externalwalls.
– Ceiling finishes
– Cladding solutions and base boards for laminates
– Composite panels

CLADME offers fiber cement boards from some of Europe‚Äôs most renowned manufacturers. So why do we go the extra mile with our products? This is in response to a high demand regarding fibre cement boards for ventilated system. Our solutions are designed to –

– Preserve the integrity of existing structures
– Provide tolerable protection against the elements
– Reduce energy costs

Clients can opt to have the boards coated with a transparent UV coating in order to make them last during the lifetime of their respective structures. The additional treatment also reduces the rate of absorption which makes it easier to clean the boards of grime and graffiti.


The benefits of our fibre cement boards speak for themselves

– Fire-resistant
– Lowthermalconductivity
– Resistant to fungus, rot and vermin attack
– More economical and durable as compared to other materials such as brick
– Through coloured in 12 different colors
– Require minimum maintenance
– Easy installation
– Suitable for use in hygienic environments such as food storage.
– Our products go through a hydration process, which makes them concrete like strong yet lighter weight.

Fibre cement boards from CLADME are designed to be lightweight which allows for easy transportation and handling onsite. Larger panels can be made self-supporting thereby providing excellent method of cladding large areas. Other properties such a porous texture make our wall panels suitable for structures that are based in areas with high humidity.


Other sizes available upon request.For boards with a min. thickness of 15mm, we can offer hidden fixing to the substructure.Please contact us for further information.